Shipbuilding and repair

We are acting as ship building and repair specialists . As of today, we have established strong relationship and contracts with a variety of large companies from Europe, Africa and Asia. Geography of our projects varies from Sweden, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Denmark and other.


The services which we provide cover the full spectrum of shipbuilding and offshore construction projects, from drafting of the shipbuilding contracts, refund guarantees and related contracts, through to contract negotiation, advising clients on contractual issues as they may arise in the course of the project, and handling dispute resolution.


Our repair services include: hull repair works, maintenance of motor, gearbox, screw and other parts of the vessel. Specialists of Marine MAN have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in their field of work, which aids in developing boundless possibilities connected with sea shipping and land-based power plants.

List of shiprepair services:

Hull repair works

Vessel modernization

Repair of hull coating and set

Repair of main diesel engines

Repair of auxiliary diesel engines

Repair of electric automatics

Boiler, heat exchange system, pump, compressor, shaft, separator and other equipment repair

You can ind some examples of our work in the gallery below: