Try & Hire is a service that incorporates the benefits of permanent recruitment and temporary placement. This service provides you with an opportunity to verify the candidate’s performance in practice before actually hiring them. Introduction of such a trial period with Marine MAN’s assistance is a guaranty of an improved flexibility of an employer and the security of employment, together with elimination of the costs. In addition, this service equips you with a full access to all legal amenities that apply to external employment.


The Marine MAN is responsible for conducting the complete process of recruitment and selection by presenting you with candidates that match your profile. That ensures cost and time effectiveness.


The candidate that you decide to hire is delegated to work exclusively at your company. From the formal point of view, they are employed by Marine MAN by employment contract according to the provisions of Labor Law for Temporary Placement. This external employment period enables you to do a profound and practical verification of the employee’s skills. It also allows you the time to build the indispensable trust of relation.