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Live Journal for workers

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Temporary Employment Software for your organization

Online Access to Workers database 24/7

Extensive database

About 100 workers submit us CVs each day. It makes us the fastest growing labour resource

More than 50,000 workers in the database

Building a good database is not only about collecting CVs, it’s about processing data

Our software keeps the CVs updated, providing extensive searching and sorting mechanisms

It allows us to concentrate more on screening and interviewing than searching

Curriculum vitae

We provided and having at database full fill corrected CV included all details which can assist to see full picture

Screening, recruitment and mobilization

Selection of workers of required qualification according to customer requirements

Testing in specialty and speaking Polish

Verification proof of service in compliance and references obtaining from previous employers

Granting an opportunity for the candidate to have an interview with a Client representative from our offices via Skype video interview

Authenticity Certificate of competency and education ticket

Checking of all required documents according requirements and standard

Arranging training needs

Arranging education process of learning Poland language for good communication

Arrangement of pre-employment medical examination in certified and reliable health care institutions

Visa support

Minimizing of costs of workers replacing

Logistic services Home – Poland - Job Placement

Training included but not limited pre-joining familiarization training

Our people have our highest priority. We place great emphasis on teamwork and creating an environment in which our workers and shore-based staff feel valued and apart of the company. We also strive to reflect our values and vision through out the organization in order to provide the best possible service for our clients.

Professional reference check

Obtaining of reference is very important at selection procedure and quality is pricelessly.
We are using own Professional References form with indicating all details about previous Employer and provided details.

Testing, Training and Education

Computer-based tests

WES Workers Evaluation System

LMP Learning Management Portal

TOSP Test of Speaking Polish

TOSE Test of Speaking English

We have good relations with academies, institutes, colleges and training center at Baltic States, Poland, Ukraine and Russia and able to arrange any testing, education process and follow up strictly with Client’s requirements.

Travel and Visa Management

We are shareholder of Travel Company and Support Visa center and can offer the best air / bus / train fare, visa arrangements and credit line, 24/7 support service.

Medical Survey

We are able to guarantee proof of medical survey, having agreement with ISO approved Medical center at Ukraine and Poland, Baltiс States and Russian.
Any requirements can be obtaining like Psychotest , Drug and alcohol Test and others.


Pre-joining briefing

Admin Briefing

Compliance Briefing

De Briefing


The Marine MAN will provide Basic Personnel Accident Insurance against worker risks which include Death, Disability, injury, sickness and Emergency medical assistance and repatriation.


Subject to the terms and conditions, during the period of Agreement, Marine MAN will be the employer of the Worker and carry out the Temporary Employment Services in respect of the own name. The Marine MAN will have authority to take such actions as they may from time to time in their absolute discretion consider to be necessary to enable them to perform the Temporary Employment Services in accordance with sound employment practice, including but not limited to compliance with all relevant rules and regulations.

Payroll arrangements and Administration

The Marine MAN‘s HR and Payroll team makes sure that the employment process is smooth and correct from the beginning to the end of the employment contract. Remuneration is always paid on time and employees have immediate access to their payment slips.