Marine MAN is pleased to serve as a one-stop-shop for ship owners who seek efficient and effective quality crewing solutions.


Long-term implementation of efficient HR strategy, permit to create one of the biggest network at Europe and CIS countries,
located in Krakow (Poland), Tallinn (Estonia), Nicosia (Cyprus), Odessa (Ukraine) and Kherson (Ukraine).


Our experienced crewing offices are known to seafarers to support their employment in the industry. Through this, Marine MAN developed as one of the industry‘s largest crewing pools, with one, any crewing request can be met in a timely and efficient manner.

Our Solution Management – always the right crew

The right crew for the respective job based on the standards tied to a position, the customer requirements, crew qualification and experience.


We use our best endeavors to provide, Crew Management Services in accordance with Sound Crew Management practice, to protect and promote the interests of the owners in all matters.


Marine MAN finds, selects and recruits always the best and right crew to add business value in your organization from day one.

Pillars of Crewing performance

88% Seafarers retention rate

Regular crew training

Seafarers’ wellness initiatives

Matrix compliant crew

Crew competency standards set above mandatory requirements

Crew performance evaluation based on KPIs

Training & Development – staying on top of the game

Marine MAN follows a continuous training and development approach for crew; we track and monitor qualifications and development progress in a dedicated crew database. Through an in-house operated e-learning portal training, any requests can be accommodated in a timely manner.

ISF Marlins English Language Test


Marlins was originally established in 1994 to provide English Language Training solutions for the shipping industry and is now the leading brand in training solutions for the shipping industry.


The ISF Marlins English Language Test has been developed by both testing and subject matter experts, and have been piloted worldwide. This has contributed to the validity and reliability of the tests.

The tests are suitable for all ranks, positions and nationalities and the questions are set within the context of their industry sector. There are hundreds of questions contained within the database which are randomly selected. This ensures no two tests are the same.

The Marlins Test of Spoken English (TOSE) is a separate test to ISF Marlins Test for Seafarers (online). TOSE has been developed to evaluate seafarers’ ability to communicate effectively by assessing listening & speaking skills in a one-to-one interview situation. TOSE is designed to test language communication skills within a maritime safety context not to test knowledge of seamanship.


Marine MAN office is an approved ISF Marlins Centre, authorized to conduct Marlins Test of Spoken English exams — recognized by UK MCA as an industry standard for communication skills assessment.

Crew Evaluation System (CES)


Designed to evaluate the background knowledge of seafarers, CES is an online assessment tool used to identify training needs specific to knowledge areas defined in STCW.


CES is one of the most used tools in the industry to evaluate crew knowledge; it was developed in 1995 and came with its first online solution in 2010. It consists of a question database with over 6500 multiple choice questions, specific to the knowledge areas defined in STCW.

The following tests are available:

STCW test, predefined

Detailed test, predefined

Company specific test, to be defined by your company

Maritime English, Reading and Listening test

Marine MAN office is an approved Seagull Maritime AS Centre, authorized to conduct Crew Evaluation System ( CES ) — as online assessment tool to evaluate the background knowledge of seafarers with the objective to identify training needs.

Advantages of CES:

Easy to use from any PC, anywhere, anytime

No need for any additional software installation

Unlimited access for administration

Identify training needs (wrong answer summary report)

Test results stored and accessible online

Company specific tests immediately available from any location

Integrated in Seagull Training Administrator (STA)

Marine MAN is able to offer a modern and cost-effective ECDIS Specific courses

The ability to efficiently manage and carry out their training while offering the following features:

Entirely web-based and accessible 24/7

Centralized course management

Highly intuitive and interactive course features

Full accreditation and training methods recognized by the Nautical Institute

Extensive Database

Marine MAN’s crewing placement solutions give you direct access to top-notch, fully-screened and ideally-qualified seafarer via our extensive database 165 000 CVs plus 100 new comer submit us CV each day.


Find ideal seafarers for your business and save Time. Resources. Money.


Building a huge database is not only about collecting CVs, but about processing data. Crew Management software CrewInspector is specially developed for crew management companies operating in the maritime industry, accessible anywhere in the world and with guarantee 99% uptime 24/7 and 365 days a year.


We keeps the CVs updated, providing extensive searching and sorting mechanisms. It allows us to concentrate more on screening and interviewing than searching.

Seafarers & Fleet

More than 167 000 seafarer in database
We provide crewing service for the following types of vessels :

Bulk Carrier

Container Ship

General Cargo

Oil Products Tanker

Chemical Products Tanker

Chemical/Oil Products Tanker

Crude Oil Tanker


Bunkering Tanker

Asphalt/Bitumen Tanker

Edible Oil Tanker

Fruit juice carrier- refrigerated

CO2 Tanker

Caprolactam Tanker

Water Tanker

Vegetable Oil Tanker

LPG Tanker

LNG Tanker

Offshore Tug/Supply Ship

Offshore Supply Ship (PSV)

Offshore Supply Ship (Fast Support)

Offshore Supply Ship (Intervention Vessels)

Supply Vessel

Offshore Support Vessel (Well Stimulation)

Offshore Support Vessel (ROV Support)

Offshore Support Vessel (Seismic Support)

Offshore Support Vessel (Platform Maintenance)

Offshore Support Vessel (Offshore Accommodation)

Offshore Support Vessel

Offshore Processing Ship

Crew Boat

Jack Up Vessels

Passenger Ship

Passenger/Ro-Ro Cargo Ship (Ferry)

Passenger (Cruise) Ship

Vehicles Carrier

Container Ro-Ro Cargo Ship

Ro-Ro Cargo Ship

Livestock Carrier

Heavy Load Carrier


Pusher Tug


Fishing vessel

Research Vessel

Utility Vessel

Hopper Dredger

Motor Hopper

Mooring Vessel

Power Station Vessel

Landing Craft

Patrol Vessel

Cement Carrier

Reefer vessel

Cable Lay Vessel

Ice Breaker

Our database structure

Total Number of seafarers in database 167 000

Quick Facts and Figures










Let us know the details of crew request. We are able provide you with a few good candidates on a short notice within 2 working days. We need to know at least the following: position, salary and duration of a contract, tentative date of joining , matrix requirements to certification and vessel’s technical details.


Nationalities and tenures (months):


Officers Ratings
Europe 3–5 4–6
Ukraine , Russia , CIS 3–5 4–6

Through our well established working relationships with the insurance underweiting markets and insurance brokers, we are able to assist our Owners in P&I coverage. Our Insurance department is responsible for the efficient and timely handling and sattlement of owner’s claims as well as assisting in the process of insurance policy renewal

Marine MAN’s Evaluation Market report 2019

Contract Duration:



Senior Officers 4 +/-1 month on Owner option
Junior Officers 6 +/-1 month on Owner option

Contract Duration:




Senior Officers 4 +/-1 month on Owner option
Junior Officers 5 +/-1 month on Owner option

Travel & crew logistics – timely and efficient crew mobilization

Marine MAN arranges accommodation, visa and travel logistics to ensure fast end economic crew changes. Our team is highly experienced to address any likely or unlikely issue most effectively and efficiently.

Payroll administration – an integrated service for your crew

Marine MAN has all means to manage and administer full payroll services with a dedicated team which administers payroll for multiple companies.

Our Pillars of Existence:

Performance 0
Quality 0
Integrity 0

Our bespoke tailor-made crewing package based on and included:

BIMCO Crewman B Lump Sum

BIMCO Crewman A Cost plus Fee

Strategic and results-oriented Marine MAN as Marine HR provider with more than 20 years experience in handling the complexities of multi‑national recruiting.
Able to design and implement strategic plans and develop high performing teams. Proven ability to manage multiple projects while meeting challenging deadlines.

MLC 2006

The ILO’s Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), 2006 provides comprehensive rights and protection at work for the world’s more than 1.2 million seafarers. The Convention aims to achieve both decent work for seafarers and secure economic interests in fair competition for quality shipowners.

General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR (RODO)

Personal data will be processed according to Polish Act of 10/05/2018 on the protection of personal data (Dz. U. of 2018, item 1000) and of EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the EU Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (referred to as General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR). For detailed information on how we will process your data please refer to the following link: