IT Outstaffing

IT Outstaffing is a type of business model when a hired talent is responsible for all the job duties of the Principal,
being officially employed by Marine MAN, acts as outstaffer.


The administrative and legal aspects of employing talent such as wages, bonuses health and social insurance, income tax, benefits and holiday pay are provided by Marine MAN, , while the Principal provides a worker with tasks and assignments.


The solution of IT Outstaffing is that employees formally employed by the Marine MAN, but at the same time fulfilled their responsibilities at their previous place of work. Marine MAN is responsible for hiring and maintenance of a development team which is fully at the your disposal.


The main goal of outstaffing services is to resolve issues related to optimizing staffing, tax and managing the company’s budget, as well as reducing risks associated with resolving labor disputes.

Task Solutions

Optimization of the business model of the enterprise

Optimization of the tax, duties, benefits, social insurance of staff members

Optimization of human resource management

Optimization of the business processes of the HR department and the company as a whole

Reducing the workload to accounting and HR department

Reducing the risks of insurance and other unforeseen incidents with staff

Decrease in the number of employees in the staff list

Reducing the administrative and financial workload, but keeping direct management of employees

Change De jure Employer but manage project De Facto

Removal from the Principal’s obligations labor disputes with an employee

Ensuring maximum flexibility in HR management and matching the amount of labor to the real workload