Remote IT Staff Outsourcing

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Marine MAN finds, employs and integrating into your business top-notch, fully-screened and ideally-qualified IT talents to work remotely, outside your office.

Cost effectiveness — The first and foremost reason to employ remote staff is to reduce operation costs.

Workload of your team – The second interesting option is to reduce the workload of your team, allowing them to focus on the tasks they are most proficient at and accelerate the output rate of your business.
This can also free up your time to embark on new profitable projects.

Flexibility – The Third reason it is possible to increase or reduce the demand for specialists and to adapt their working yours to the current needs of the company.

You may hire remote staff for smaller jobs if your company doesn’t have the appropriate department, otherwise, you would be forced to contract new regular personnel for a single task and somehow make efficient use of them until their due time expires.

Stage of service and parts obligation:

Recruitment and selection

TOSE Test of Speaking English with Marine MAN Assessor , approved by Marlins UK ( )

Reference check and screening talent

Proposal candidate (CV plus Covering letter) to Principal

Appointment on interview

Initial and Technical Interview


Candidate’s familiarization with the Principal’s job’s details , company policy, specific and requirements via online tool ( Skype or other ) or during briefing at the Principal’s office face to face

Marine MAN is Employer

Marine MAN sign contract with candidate

Start working remotely on agreed terms

Marine MAN provide payroll service included but not limited payment salary and all other contribution covering all legal aspects of employment remote candidate

Our Extensive Database & Remote IT Outsourcing Cost to Market

Marine MAN’s IT Staff Outsourcing solutions give you direct access to top-notch, fully-screened and ideally-qualified IT talents via our extensive database 50 000 CV’s plus 100 new comer submit us CV each day.


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PM, HR, DevOps, Data Science and Others